The memory foam wraps the body.

2018/07/15   -未分類

It is an impression of trying out a memory foam mat. Product name is True Sleeper. I tried sleeping. …

Anker’s wireless keyboard is small and thin!

2018/07/11   -未分類

I bought an Anker Ultra Slim Bluetooth wireless keyboard. The size of the keyboard is about 2 DVDs. …

Super wide-angle lens for smartphones is amazing.

2018/07/11   -未分類

I bought a self-shooting lens. It is a WIDE lens to be attached to a smartphone. I tried shooting qu …

The drainage of “KARCHER Vacuum Cleaner for Windows” is the best.

2018/07/11   -未分類

I bought “KARCHER Vacuum Cleaner for Windows”. I was surprised. “Window washing de …

Performance of drip-proof pouch for smartphone is good.

2018/07/09   -未分類

I bought a drip-proof mobile pouch. The rain has fallen strongly these days. I intended to defend th …

The function of the mouse button can be changed.

2018/07/05   -未分類

I bought a mouse with five buttons. until now. “Copy and Paste” performed “Change …

Blue declaration software has evolved. It is linked with WEB.

2018/07/03   -未分類

I purchased the blue declaration software. It is “Yayoi’s blue declaration”. Since …

I changed the light to LED ceiling light.

2018/07/01   -未分類

The other day. I was eating supper. The light was turned off for a moment and it became dark. I imme …

Diatomaceous earth absorption power is strong.

2018/07/01   -未分類

I heard that diatomaceous earth has strong absorption ability. I bought a diatomaceous earth bath ma …

Printer “IP 2700” is an excellent one that can print black and white with only black ink.

2018/07/01   -未分類

The printer has broken. The cause is ink jam. This printer was running for a long time. Only New Yea … Associate or Cheerful everyday promote The Amazon Associate Program is an affiliate program designed to provide a means by which the site can acquire referral fee by linking it. It is a participant of Amazon Associate Program.